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Ted Morgan

K&J – Touring the Plattsburgh Fire Station

October 27, 2015
Smoke Trailer

Today we’re going to take a tour of Fire Station Number One in the City of Plattsburgh… The Fire Department holds their Open House every year in October… and this year was no exception…  We stopped Saturday in for a tour… We’re speaking with Firefighter Doug Walker.. Our conversation begins in the smoke trailer which was […]

Saranac Lake Area Resident Calls for Regulation of Local Head Shops

October 27, 2015

A group of concerned local residents attended the Saranac Lake Village Board Meeting Monday evening, October 26, 2015, to talk about the potential impact that two new head shops located in the Downtown area will have on the community’s health.  Spokesperson, Ann Morgan, presented her concerns and asked the Village Board to provide guidance and […]

K&J – Honoring 46er Number One Herb Clark

October 26, 2015
Herb Clark Plaque 02

The Site of the Saranac Lake 6er Bell has also become the next site on the Saranac Lake Walk of Fame…  A Plaque Honoring 46er number One Herb Clark was unveiled.. Join us as we hear from Franklin County Legislator and Saranac Lake Village Trustee Barb Rice, and Clark Family Member Jim Clark. It was […]

K&J – Mayor Calnon Responds to Public Comments at Budget Hearing

October 23, 2015
121914 - Jim Calnon - THUMB

When it comes to the City’s policy on clearing sidewalks in the winter… Plattsburgh’s Mayor Jim Calnon says he doesn’t envision any changes to his proposed 2016 budget..  The Mayor’s Comments come in response to another request by Jeff Moore at a Public Hearing Thursday Evening to discuss the Mayor’s proposed 2016 Budget for the […]

K&J – Town Councilor Tom Wood and Clinton County Candidates

October 22, 2015
Chris Rosenquist

Today we’re investigating what happens if two of those political signs we see everywhere have similar last names.. and are basically the same color…   Town of Plattsburgh Councilor Tom Wood is up for re-election November 3rd ..  And we started our conversation with the lighter side of municipal politics..  Plus we’ll hear from candidates for […]

K&J – Candidates Forum Features Michael Cashman & Vasso LaForest

October 21, 2015

Candidates in Clinton County had a chance to introduce themselves and to speak about their issues at a candidate’s forum sponsored by the Champlain Valley Business and Professional Women’s Club…    The event took place Tuesday night at the American Legion Post 20.. on Quarry Road here in Plattsburgh….

In this edition of the K&J show we’ll speak with Vicki Marking who is currently one of the club’s vice presidents, about the club’s goals and with Councilwoman Meg LeFevre. We spoke with both Vasso LaForest and Michael Cashman who are running for Town of Plattsburgh Supervisor and we’ll listen in on the candidates as they answer questions from the audience..  All part of today’s K&J show, click on the audio bar to listen..  The Club also invited Candidates for County Legislature and other town candidates as well and we’ll speak them later this week..

Michael Cashman - Vasso LaForest at Candidates Forum 102015


K&J – Fines for Not Shoveling Plattsburgh’s Sidewalks

October 20, 2015

We’ve been holding out on a story about the snow but as we’ve seen over the past few days.. The snow has begun starting to mix with rain and will most likely begin to settle on the ground shortly as the temperatures continue to fall and winter takes hold of the North Country…

In the City of Plattsburgh this winter… If you don’t keep up with the snow on your sidewalks… You may find yourself paying a fine first… and then… paying for the DPW to remove it if the problem persists…  That’s the topic of today’s K&J show..  Have a listen.

K&J – Dedicating the Max Moore Memorial Tree House

October 19, 2015
Max Moore 02

In Plattsburgh at the beginning of the Saranac River Trail over the weekend, Municipal leaders, City Planners, and a committee made up of a group of committed individuals celebrated the official grand opening of the Max Moore Memorial Tree House…  Councilor Paul O’Connell was one of those under an umbrella among the crowd of supporters […]

K&J – College Career Fair at SUNY Plattsburgh

October 9, 2015

Today we’re going to be talking about what it’s like for high school students and their parents as they consider college after graduation… In this case, All of the people we need to ask about this topic are all in one location…  It’s a College Fair at the Field House sponsored by SUNY Plattsburgh. The […]

K&J – Women’s Leadership Summit

October 8, 2015
Women's Leadership Conference Logo

Today on the K&J Show we’re speaking with a group of Women who’ve been spearheading a Leadership Summit designed for women.. It’s the Inaugural Women’s Leadership Summit and is being held at the Valcour Educational Conference Center in Peru on  November 2nd from 5:30 to 8pm…..   The event is Co-founded by two women in Plattsburgh; […]

City Concil Hears Proposal for Phase 2 of Saranac River Trail

September 17, 2015

Phase two of the Saranac River Trail project  would connect downtown Plattsburgh with the future B-52 park (current NYSEG site and Stanford middle school to the existing Saranac River Trail.        The proposed project includes a new Saranac Street pedestrian bridge over the Saranac River 

New Coalition Highlights Home Care Needs for the Elderly

September 16, 2015

Franklin County Office for the Aging, Mercy Care for the Adirondacks, and the New York State Wide Senior Action Council are launching a coalition to develop an advocacy strategy and raise public awareness about the unique home care needs in the Adirondacks. According to the new coalition… Many people who need home care in the […]

DEC Closes Locks for Season

September 16, 2015

It’s an annual ritual for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation… Today the DEC is closing the lower locks on the Saranac Lakes Chain for the winter.. Every year the locks are closed and drained and this year, they are moving ahead with engineering work as well… which will include a full evaluation […]

Biggest Loser Program Returns for Season Five

September 16, 2015

The City of Plattsburgh Recreation Department is seeking candidates for the fifth season of the North Country’s Biggest Loser adult fitness program which is set to start on October 20th.. The City’s Recreation Superintendent Steve Peters says they’re looking for 20 adult participants interested in making lifestyle changes and who are willing to work with […]

Saranac Lake Lions Club Offers Sidewalk Art Contest

September 16, 2015

The Saranac Lake Lions Club is hosting their third Annual St. Bernard’s School Sidewalk Art Poster Contest & Art Show. This show is being held in conjunction with the final Saranac Lake Third Thursday Art Walk of the season…  The Lions are inviting everyone to join them for a festive evening of art, refreshments and […]

Diabetes Self-Management Education Offered by Adirondack Health

September 12, 2015

A six-week comprehensive Diabetes Self-Management Education Program offered by Adirondack Health begins on Sept. 16. Diabetes Self-Management Education helps people diagnosed with diabetes effectively start and continue the high level of self-care necessary for optimizing blood sugar levels, managing complications, and maintaining their quality of life. Diabetes education and training provides up-to-date information about diabetes, […]

K&J – Riverside Cemetery Memorial

September 11, 2015

Both British and American naval officers who died in the Battle of Plattsburgh are buried at Riverside Cemetery in Plattsburgh… And every year the city remembers an event that helped to bring three countries together and to form the basis of what Canada, Britain and the United States share today as allies and trading partners…   The Riverside Cemetery Memorial kicks off the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration this year as we look back to 1814..  And interestingly enough… A dead master of ceremonies… ( Click on the Play Bar to Listen )

Riverside Cemetery 01

Riverside Cemetery Memorial Opens Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration

September 10, 2015

The Battle of Plattsburh Commemoration begins at a location in the city where both British and American Officers are buried Mayor Calnon says it is a significant event in history because it was the end of the war but also because it speaks vines about the humanity demonstrated by both sides. It’s also the reason […]

350 Banners to Promote Adirondack Coast

September 10, 2015
Adirondack Coast - Banner 02

Once the Battle of Plattsburgh Banners come down.. They’ll be replaced by a new initiative sponsored by the North Country Chamber of Commerce and the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau…   The Visitors Bureau says it’s one of their newest marketing campaigns… Focused on branding the Adirondack Coast. Each banner will feature an icon showcasing one of […]

City’s Bond Resolutions includes Work on ADA Compliance at City Hall

September 10, 2015
2014 - Plattsburgh Inauguration - City Hall - SLIDE

Plattsburgh’s City Council is moving forward with issuing 8 new bond resolutions authorizing the issuance of $3,261,600 in additional debt for 2014 and 2015 capital expenditures… The 8 new resolutions will authorize borrowing of $1,485,000 for street resurfacing, $820,000 for the City Marina, $350,000 for building repairs to City Hall and the DPW garage, $316,600 […]