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K&J – Torchlight Skiing at Mt Pisgah

Torchlight 02 - THUMB

We’re heading into weekend number two of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival and one thing everyone agrees on is that it’s going to be cold… Eric Foster is the Chairman of the Winter Carnival Committee, and not only will you hear his updates on WNBZ but he’s also keeping an eye on all of the…

K&J – Winter Carnival Coronation

2016 - Cathy Ford - THUMB

Every year the Saranac Lake kicks off with the Coronation of Carnival royalty who include The High School Court, the pages, Prince and Princess, the Chamberlain and the Arch Bishop. In addition It’s at Coronation when we find out who will be the King & Queen.. Members of the community who have been nominated for…

K&J – Dede Scozzafava Talks Cuomo Budget – Tax Cap

Scozzafava - THUMB

In New York when it comes to Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget, most environmental organizations in the Adirondacks are giving his agenda good marks.. Especially when it comes to the Environmental Protection Fund which could receive full funding if the legislature approves Governor Cuomo’s Budget. Dede Scozzafava is the Deputy Secretary of State for Local Government…

Bike Snow Cross & Enduro Comes to Mt Pisgah


Organizers say the 2016 Empire State Winter Games are promising to provide as riveting an experience for spectators as for the athletes themselves..  Opportunities include a number of new contemporary action sports and new venues including Mt Pisgah in Saranac Lake.. Topping off the always-inspirational final leg of the torch run and parade of athletes…

Winter Carnival Headquarters Opens Friday

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Logo - SMALL

The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Headquarters opens for the season on February 5 at a new location, the Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce at 193 River Street.  The headquarters offers maps and information about the various events of the 10-day festival and serves as a central planning resource for visitors and residents.  The headquarters…

37 Locations Now Selling Winter Carnival Buttons

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival 2016 Button - Superhero - THUMB02

The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival buttons are now available for sale.  Doonsbury Cartoonist Garry Trudeau, who was raised in Saranac Lake has been creating the Winter Carnival button design since 1981.  This year he created two buttons in honor of the carnival’s theme… “Superheroes & Villains.” The buttons are $4 each and you can find…

K&J – Discovering Plattsburgh’s Events Series

Discover Plattsburgh - Geddes - THUMB

Discover Plattsburgh, and The Adirondack Coast in conjunction with The City of Plattsburgh’s Community Development office and Events Coordinator Sandra Geddes announced a new events series yesterday afternoon saying the combination and sharing of the marketing of the region becomes an integral part of the City’s promotional planning..  Click on the play bar to listen to…

Ice Palace Construction Begins

Ice Palace 012516 - 01 - THUMB

405 Blocks of Ice came out of Lake Flower on Monday and construction of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Ice Palace is underway.. The overall design began to take shape early in the day and by 1pm volunteers had already begun on row number 3 of the foundation which over the next several days will…

Winter Carnival Posters Now Available

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival 2016 Poster - THUMB

Collectible posters designed by “Doonesbury” cartoonist Garry Trudeau for the 2016 Saranac Lake Winter Carnival are now available for sale. Trudeau, who was raised in Saranac Lake, has been creating the Winter Carnival poster design since 2012. He created the poster to correspond with the carnival’s theme “Superheroes & Villains.” Proceeds from the poster sales…

Ice Palace Construction Begins Today

Dean Baker Measures Ice Thickness - THUMB

Construction of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Ice Palace will begin on January 25. Construction involves harvesting ice from Lake Flower, transporting it to the shore and assembling it according to a blueprint. Construction on the palace will continue until the start of the carnival on February 5. The Ice Palace is built by volunteers,…

K&J – First Night Saranac Lake

In Today’s Podcast, we’re talking with members of the Committee in charge of organizing First Night in Saranac Lake…  The committee was gathered for their final working meeting Tuesday night at the Saranac Lake Chamber of Commerce offices at the North Elba Townhouse in Saranac Lake..  First Night Saranac Lake kicks off at 6pm Thursday…

K&J – World Cup Luge Athletes Head to Weekend Competition in Lake Placid

The Viessmann Luge World Cup returns to Lake Placid this weekend… The competition consists of four events… Men’s singles, Women’s singles, Doubles and the team relay event.. The Doubles competition starts at 9:30 tomorrow and the Mens singles will follow at noon…  And then on Saturday, Women’s singles competition begins at 10:40 followed by the team relay at 2pm… You can find ticket information online at Whiteface Lake Placid dot com..

EmilySweeny150x250In today’s K&J show podcast we’re talking with Luge athletes on the finish platform at the Mt VanHovenberg sliding track in Lake Placid about the track, their success in Austria and about their focus on the weekend..  We’ll talk with Saranac Lake’s Chris Mazder. He finished tied for 8th in Singles in Austria last week and is hoping to do well this weekend on his home track in Lake Placid… Tucker West, is another men’s singles luger… He Finished 7th in Igles..  Plus our conversation continues with international athletes from Canada and Austria and we’ll head back to the home team for a conversation with Emily Sweeney..




K&J – A Rally to Save the Rails

Save the Rails 02

There was a rally on Saturday at the Saranac Lake Train Depot…  Overall, it was an effort to convince Governor Cuomo to re-consider pulling up the rails from Lake Placid to Tupper Lake..  Amy Catania is the Executive Director of Historic Saranac Lake.. One of the sponsors of Saturday’s Rally..  We’ll speak with her, and…

K&J – Dedicating the Max Moore Memorial Tree House

Max Moore 02

In Plattsburgh at the beginning of the Saranac River Trail over the weekend, Municipal leaders, City Planners, and a committee made up of a group of committed individuals celebrated the official grand opening of the Max Moore Memorial Tree House…  Councilor Paul O’Connell was one of those under an umbrella among the crowd of supporters…

K&J – Riverside Cemetery Memorial

Both British and American naval officers who died in the Battle of Plattsburgh are buried at Riverside Cemetery in Plattsburgh… And every year the city remembers an event that helped to bring three countries together and to form the basis of what Canada, Britain and the United States share today as allies and trading partners…   The Riverside Cemetery Memorial kicks off the Battle of Plattsburgh Commemoration this year as we look back to 1814..  And interestingly enough… A dead master of ceremonies… ( Click on the Play Bar to Listen )

Riverside Cemetery 01

350 Banners to Promote Adirondack Coast

Adirondack Coast - Banner 02

Once the Battle of Plattsburgh Banners come down.. They’ll be replaced by a new initiative sponsored by the North Country Chamber of Commerce and the Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau…   The Visitors Bureau says it’s one of their newest marketing campaigns… Focused on branding the Adirondack Coast. Each banner will feature an icon showcasing one of…