Bill Dickerson

Afternoon personality, Bill Dickerson, got his start in radio during his college days at SUNY Cortland where he helped start the campus station in the late 60’s. And as a member of the Campus Concert Committee he also got to meet and often introduce on stage many of the top acts of the day -- including Neil Diamond, The Temptations, The Hollies, The Grateful Dead and many, many more too numerous to mention. The obvious result of these early interactions with top entertainers is it instilled a love for “Great Music “ (and the radio stations that bring it to you) that persists to this day.

While pursuing a career in Higher Ed Administration, Bill continued to nurture his “love for radio” by working part-time at a series of Northern NJ stations including WIXL, WKER, WRAN and WMTR. More recently, Bill has worked weekends at both WCVT (101 the One) in Waterbury, VT and WIRY in Plattsburgh, NY.

And in the belief that some things were simply "meant to be" -- Bill has returned to his roots in Willsboro, NY -- and is having the time of his life bringing listeners “a better variety of the music you love” afternoons on 106.3, WNBZ -- the "New Broadcasting Zenith" for the Champlain Valley. Remember -- afternoons are simply "Better with Bill" at 106.3 WNBZ. . .

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