Veteran’s Day Ceremonies in Saranac Lake


Wednesday was a day to Honor Veterans and talk about issues they face.. At the Harrietstown Town Hall.. A ceremony for Veteran’s..  Master Sergeant Joseph Fischer was the guest speaker.. He chose the opportunity to reflect on two issues… One – Post Traumatic Stress and Two – The increasing suicide rate among Veterans..

Fischer says Today’s generation of veterans is at a disadvantage compared to previous generations… One thing the previous generations had were better coping skills.. Living through events like the great depression.. and living their lives with stress and facing troubles that we may not experience today..   Fischer added that there are quite a few things we can do… Veterans can seek out those who may seem like they don’t wish to bothered but might be crying out for someone to talk to…  And We all can support the various veterans organizations like veterans clinics and outreach centers… And all of us can listen.. and we can all be there when we choose to look for the opportunity to help..