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Bill Dickerson got his start in radio during his college days at SUNY Cortland where he helped start the campus station in the late 60's. And as a member of the Campus Concert Committee he also got to meet and often introduce on stage many of the top acts Bill Dickerson
Amanda Dagley's greatest passion has always been music, starting when she bought her first 45 at the age of four. Raised on records, radio, and MTV, Dagley knew that she was never going to be a rock star, so she did the next best thing and became a DJ!<br Amanda Dagley
Jim has been working in the radio/TV business since 1971 via a Boy Scout Explorer post. Jim Gratton
Rad Dad Radio DJ - Survival Nick
The Night Shift with James Rabe plays the best music from the '70s, '80s and beyond! 
Join the party every night with your host, James Rabe and you'll see why the Night Shift is the perfect companion to keep you jamming and smiling all evening long! The Night Shift with James Rabe
Sandwiches are made. Not born. Kevin has spent a lot of time studying how other people do things so he can learn and grow as a person. Fire juggling, sword swallowing, scuba diving, playing the six string bass - Kevin can do none of these, but he really a Kevin Sandwich

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